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The standard of the refrigeration industry, our digital thermometers have been perfected through decades of real-world use and offer the most innovative and market defining features.

Revamped in 2020, our controllers leverage the newest processors to be flexible and adaptable to many applications, greatly aiding in SKU reduction.

We began developing and manufacturing power supplies in-house in 2024, offering competitive prices and the same reliable value our electronics are known for.

We are one of the only suppliers of tridicators that manufacture in-house. We now also offer other accessories per customer request.

Manufactured in-house, our standardized line of door switches offer a selection of features at affordable price points for our customers.

With over 3 decades of experience, our thermometers stand as some of the most time tested, quality temperature instruments and the go-to for food, HVAC and industrial industries.

Our wide offering of pressure gauges from general use to industrial applications.