Visions and Values

Our Vision

Howe Technology is committed to three core values that help fulfill the visions of our three industries – kitched, HVAC and refrigeration.


We aim to utilize IoT capabilities to develop new functionality through the controller that will have a direct impact for the end user. From increasing food safety to simplifying personnel training, we hope our devices will lay the foundation for flexible growth tomorrow.


We strive to innovate with our customers in this rapidly evolving field by providing adaptable controls solutions that integrate the latest thermo transfer methods for improving efficiency and maximize reductions in energy usage while maintaining the same quality of comfort for our end users and long-term support for our customers.


We plan to leverage networking and connectivity technologies to create smarter, more efficient and more reliable refrigeration solutions. As environmental protection mandates require retrofits to refrigerants and equipment, we stand by to offer the best value to our customers and end users.

Our Values

Relations with Customers

The solutions provided by Howe are only made possible through close collaboration with our customers, support technicians and end users. To us, the manufactureres we work with are more than just buyers, and our partnernships foster products that drive innovation and progress. We also take pride i nproviding one of the best long-term support systems in the industry, as our close relationships with those who work on our systems are the foundations for our success.

Promise of Value

Honesty and integrity provide the bedrock for our organization. We affirm that all our products and services will provide tangible and immediate value to our customers. We work closely with all customers, big and small, to provide them with unique solutions that provide the best value proposition possible.

Focuse on the Future

Here at Howe, our solutions focus not only on fulfilling the needs of the market today, but providing stepping stones to the eventualities of tomorrow. ALl of our products are designed with an expansion mindset, leacing them adaptable in the future. By strategically leaving parts of our architecture open, we encourage the discovery of creative solutions to tomorrow’s problems. We aim to make our products the foundation upon which innovation prospers and advances the industry to more efficient futures.